Saturday, November 23, 2019

Review: Boss GT-6

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Today we are talking about a legacy Boss pedalboard that was launched in 2001 and that represents a big leap forward in Boss flagship pedalboards (after the GT-3 and GT-5), stepping up the COSM modeling technology that Boss has been implementing in its products for at least 20 years: the Boss GT-6.

I have owned this pedalboard from around 2002 to around 2006; it was different times, times in which you couldn't hook up your pedalboard to the pc as an usb audio interface and you had to navigate through complex menus and sub menus mutuated from the '90s excruciating rack experience, times in which no one used to consider important the "user friendliness".

The pedalboard is very rich in functions and still today (despite at least other four new models that came out in the following years) represents a really complete solution for the live guitarist: it lets you hook up to your amp with the "4 cables mode", it has an expression pedal and 7 programmable footswitches, plus a very wide (even for today's standards) array of amp models (30) and 340 effect programs, plus it's built (and heavy) really like a tank.

How does it sound? It depends on what you need. The effects are very precise, "digital", but in a good way, meaning not "dirty sounding", and the many knobs really lets you edit them in depth, plus the number of effects is incredible, in facts besides the classic reverbs and modulations this pedalboard features a full fledged guitar synth with everything, from strings to arpeggiators to bass emulator, pitch shifting and so on. If you have a good tube amp with a preamp you like, this pedalboard still today can cover your effect needs for ages to come.
If we're talking about the preamp section, instead... The sounds were not good. Especially with the high gain, you could really tell that it was early 2000s emulation, they were practically unusable back then, and now even less.

This pedalboard left me all in all with good memories, I have played some nice gig with it and used it to record, before moving to the flexibility of Vst effects, and if you are a live musician that needs many effects in a reliable casing and you happen to find it at a cheap street price it's definitely worth a try.

Thumbs sideways! :D

Specs taken from the website:

- Flagship floor-based guitar effects processor with advanced COSM preamp

- 24-bit converters and coaxial digital output for recording applications

- 30 COSM amp models, plus new Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Modeling (15 types) and Wah Modeling (5 types)

- 340 effects programs—more than any other pedal in its class!

- Customize function for creating new amp types, distortion and wah pedals

- Easy, analog-style control; 15 knobs for editing commonly used parameters

- New "Uni-V" and "De-Fretter" effects, plus improved Feedback Modeling

- EZ Tone feature for creating custom patches based on 30 templates

- Built-in Expression and Control pedals for realtime control of effects

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