Saturday, June 20, 2015

Acoustic Guitar Vst Simulators (free Vst Plugins)

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's article!
Today we're going to talk about acoustic guitar simulators, which are those plugins that takes the sound of our electric guitar recorded straight into the audio interface, and try to turn it into the sound of an acoustic guitar.

This article implies obviously that we don't have an actual acoustic guitar, nor ways to record it with microphones, which actually would be the best way to track it, so let's just focus on how to turn the sound of our electric guitar into the one that resembles an acoustic one!
Someone can also use this method to use his electric guitar to play some part which would be too unconfortable to be played with an acoustic one, and inserting them into an acoustic sounding context.

Usually plugins that tries to replicate the sound of an acoustic guitar works by modifying the eq, the transient, the resonance and other parameters of the original sound, or by applying an IR impulse, to recreate the resonance of a real acoustic guitar (Click Here for a vide made by Chandler Guitar, which also contains an acoustic guitar IR impulse to download).
Once we have turned the sound of our guitar into a sound that resembles an acoustic one, we can mix it as we would treat the sound of a real acoustic one, and the result sometimes can be strikingly resemblant.

Here are some interesting plugins, some free and some paid, to simulate an acoustic guitar sound:

Voxengo Boogex: a classic free IR impulse loader, that if we use with specific acoustic guitar impulses can really turn our electric guitar sound into an acoustic one.

Nusoft Deepboard: an interesting, small and free plugin that turns the sound of our electric guitar into an acoustic one

BodiLizer: a paid (30$) acoustic simulator which uses an internal IR impulse.

Positivegrid Jamup: a great paid plugin, probably the best in the market today, which has also a good acoustic simulation

Waves Maserati Acg: another paid plugin, designed by the producer Tony Maserati, which has a set of tools for shape the acoustic guitar sound

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