Saturday, September 12, 2020

Ep, Demo, Single, Lp, Full Lenght, Mixtape, Split, live album, box sets, what are they?

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Today we are going to see a small glossary with the definitions of words that often are used in the music environment but that not always are so easy to explain: here's your cheatsheet.

Demo: a self produced record to be used for promotional purposes, which can have any number of tracks, but on average it features 2 to 4 songs. 

Single: a recording of 1 to 3 tracks, with a runtime of less than 10 minutes which contains the main song and one or more B sides. It was very popular in the past, as it was used for radio airplay purposes. Today the concept of single is more tied to the release of a video in the streaming platforms.

EP: it means "extended play", and it usually features 4 to 6 tracks, with a runtime of less than 30 minutes.

LP/Full Lenght Album: "long play" is referred usually to vinyl records, "full lenght" is for the other supports, and it features any number of tracks, with a runtime longer than 30 minutes (but there can be also exceptions, for example Slayer's Reign in Blood is an LP that lasts 28 minutes).

Split: it could be, according to the duration, either an EP or a Full Lenght, but it consists into two or more bands putting their songs together in the same record in order to split the production and distribution expenses and to promote themselves to each other's audience. If there is a different artist for each song, that it's a Compilation.

Mixtape: a serie of recordings (it doesn't matter the number of tracks) usually released for free for promotional purposes, which does not necessarily contain only original material but also covers, remixes, B-sides and so on (for some reason mixtapes are used mainly in rap and hip-hop though).

Live album: the recording of a live performance, usually of songs previously released in studio version.

Greatest Hits/Box sets: collections of previously released songs, usually united with some rare or unreleased bonus material, such as medleys, a cappella versions, alternate lyric versions, live, covers, acoustic version, remixes and so on.

I hope this was helpful!

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  1. I just listen to a new band called spray Allen with my freind who is still a survivor of the original sublime.he is tired of playing the same things since 1988. This new project brings me to believe we all have no clue how to mix and use mic preamps sorry for our loss.bur ive been doing this since the late 70s and have done recording at sunset sound .Jackson,and a few more name's I won't was the la place that everyone used but the way new music has evolved it's so much more who and how they do it that makes me think of the sound to strive for. This is a place to share things I guess and I'd your studio and engineers are not in the loop.good luck .his manager that is part of his success said ok it won't be anything like sublime.but after hearing it as my self.look out this is as good of all around new music that appellee's to almost every one as sublime did in four track recordings and building a base on people in love with the music not air play telling us what to enjoy. Keep your ears open for spray Allen

  2. Could you tell me in order Metallica's first recorded sets .lp, compilation,demo,ECT and could you throw in your incredible content too

    1. hi, I'm not sure if I have understood the question, but according to wikipedia they started with a demo (no life 'til leather), then they had all LP except the 3 eps "garage days re-revisited", "six feet down under" and "more magnetic"