Saturday, November 4, 2017

Review: Digitech Rp-1000

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Today we're going to review a big multi effect pedalboard, the flagship of Digitech: the Rp-1000.

This pedalboard is in the market by several years, and it is still one of the most complete solutions around: featuring a second generation sound processor by Digitech (Dna 2), it has a resolution of 24 bit and 44khz and a very extensive array of inputs and outputs making it very suitable both as an audio interface, as a virtual rig and as an integration to a classic amplifier and pedalboard.
The pedalboard lets us stream our music directly in the computer via usb, and it features a send-return system to connect to the amplifier AND a separate, bypassable, effect loop to connect other stompboxes to it placing the effects after the preamp section; finally it has stereo outputs, both 1/4 jack and Xrl, in order to use stereo effects: in terms of flexibility this unit is one of the most complete on the market.

I must admit I have a soft spot with this generation of Digitech: I have been owner of a Rp-350, which is a model with only 3 footswitches, several friends of mine own a Rp-1000 and others the basic model, the Rp-100 and Rp-155: with one of these I have also (several years ago) succesfully recorded a demotape, using it as audio interface for guitars, vocals and bass.
Digitech products have a reputation of being solid, reliable units, with a good quality to price ratio and a good preamp and effect section.

About the effects, without a doubt they are resisting the test of time: the unit is several years on the market, but it still holds without problems against the flagship products of the competitors, while for the preamp section, although it is still very good the clean and the overdrive part, you can start feeling a little of digital rasp in the highest gain part, compared with the latest digital preamps on the market (Kemper, Axe Fx and Line6 Helix), and today guitarists could start missing a bit the possibility of loading custom impulse responses. On the other hand also the high gain tone is very mix-friendly, with a very musical midrange, and the same thing cannot be said for many Line 6 amp simulators, for example.

At a retail price of 399$ (but it can be found online also for less) this is probably the most complete and versatile solution on the market today for less than 500$, it is a swiss army knife good both for studio and live environments.

- Effect switching system offers control over external & internal stompboxes and effects

- Amp/Cabinet Bypass defeats internal amplifiers and cabinets in all presets

- Built-in 20 second phrase looper
- Built-in expression pedal controls the RP1000's Whammy™, wahs, volume, and other parameters

- Switchable Stompbox Loop for effects switcher control of external stompboxes and effects
- Switchable Amp Loop to retain your amp's tone
- 40 Tone and 40 Effects Libraries
- 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user)
- Over 160 effects including stompboxes, choruses, delays, amps and cabinets
- Up to 5 seconds of delay time
- 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate
- All metal construction
- Heavy-duty metal switches for stompbox response
- Large 10 character LED display for preset name, bank name and tuner
- Independent 1/4" Left and Right Outputs
- Independent XLR Left and Right Outputs with ground lift
- Amp / Mixer switch optimizes 1/4" outputs for amp or direct to mixer connections

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  1. I have its younger brother, the RP500, which is basically the same unit with fewer footswitches but with the same amount of effects and simulators of amplifiers and cabins. It is a very flexible multi-effect that can adapt well to any situation, both live and in studio or home recording. I love its versatility when it comes to a live show, because it has XLR and 1/4 outputs that can be used at the same time and for stereo effects. I usually use it like this: XLR output direct to mixer and output 1/4 to amplifier as return. It's a dream come true for any guitarist who plays alone in a band, and it makes it much easier to set up a good sound in a live show in a small place like a bar as well as in a bigger one like a theater. Your sound engineer will thank you. I think it has a very clean sound and good distortions can be achieved with an imperceptible digital sensation, at least for me. Apart from these great features of connectivity, it has something that increases its value: it has the exclusive original Whammy effect from Digitech, which can not be found in any other pedalboard of other brands. Its construction is solid and with high quality components. Although it has already been in the market for several years, Digitech continues to manufacture it because really it is a very good product, one of its greatest achievements. At the moment it does not have drivers for recording in Windows 10, but you can figure out how to record with it and even use impulses to sound really beastly. For me, both the RP500 and the RP1000 are high-end pedals, even used by professional live guitarists, such as the guitarists of the Brazilian band Hibria. I recommend it totally. I do not need anymore.