Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review: TSE X50 v.2.4 (with audio sample)

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's article!
Today we are reviewing a new, very interesting guitar suite, from a talented producer (Onqel of the norwegian company Tse Audio) that I have followed with interest since his first freeware plugins (and still today I use some of them with great satisfaction).

Tse X50 2 is the first commercial product of Tse Audio, and it is the result of years of debug on the free versions, done also with the help of the Ultimatemetal Forum Community.
The software, in this version has been totally re-written since the freeware versions, and now everything is part of a complete suite, with 3 stompboxes (a noisegate, a tube screamer and a Rat distortion), 2 preamps (X50, which resembles closely a Peavey 5150 head, and X30, which looks and sounds like an Engl preamp), a rack with tuner, delay and an equalizer.

Going in depth we also have a power amp section in which we can swap the power tubes among EL34 and 6L6GC, set the Bias and so on, and for the cabinet section the program lets you browse through a good choice of some of the best cabinet impulses that can be found, fruit of a collaboration among Tse and the best impulse producers (Guitarhack, Kalthallen and Rosen Digital, among the others).

When playing and recording, the plugin sounds really good (the original X30 has been for a long time my to-go metal preamp simulator), and it sums up the best that Tse has ever produced (except for their amazing bass preamp Tse B.O.D. which simulates a Sansamp, and that will surely find its place on some future bass expansion).
The plugin is very light on the cpu (especially compared with some of the other today's competitors) and features also an automatic input adjustment, that learns the peaks of your signal as you play and adjusts the input level accordigly, which is brilliant.

All in all this plugin has really everything you need and nothing you don't, focusing on few high quality features rather than becoming a huge, heavy collection of models that clogs the cpu, and it is very player-oriented, granting low latency, lightweight high quality tone.
If you must choose a single guitar amp simulator to buy in 2015, Tse X50 v.2.4 is probably one of the best ones, and we can't wait to see what the future will bring from Tse Audio!

What suggestion can we give? Well in the future, the plugin could also incorporate a simulation specific for clean and overdrive tones, like a vox or a peavey classic 30, and maybe the rack could incorporate a new module with a multi effect like phaser, flanger, vibrato and so on.

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