Saturday, March 12, 2016

Review: Ignite Amps PTEq-X

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This time we're going to review an amazing free eq Vst plugin: Ignite Amps PTEq-X.
Ignite Amps is a company made by two italian engineers who both design free hi quality vst plugins and build physical hardware devices, such as guitar and bass preamps and stompboxes.

This time they created an equalizer based on the legendary Pultec EQP-1A (click here for an article about the story and the characteristics of this device), one of the most famous hardware equalized ever produced, still sold today after 65 years of carreer.
The plugin not only models the hardware device, but it extends its possibilities by letting us not only dial the low and high frequences, but also adding two extra "rack" units: one (based on the MEQ-5) dedicated to the mid frequences, with two bells set in different ranges, and another one with a high cut and a low cut filter (based on the HLF 3C), both of them with more frequences to choose from, compared to the original models.
Basically the controllable areas are now six, summing up the three modules, making this plugin flexible enough to satisfy most of the uses also in a modern studio.

The three modules are independently bypassable, and there is also a switch to choose between four types of tubes, made to add a different tone coloring,

Additional controls are an input and an output control, and a mono-stereo switch, that makes this plugin ideal both for mixing single mono tracks and for buss mixing and mastering.

The plugin is lightweight, stable and comes both in 32bit and 64bit version; a big thumbs-up for the Ignite guys, keep up with the good work and we hope to see more and more quality products in the future!

Specs taken from the Ignite Facebook page:

- Three different equalization modules with perfectly analog curve response even at highest frequencies
- Ignite Amps 3rd generation triode stage analog modeling for 4 different tube types
- Additional selectable frequencies for the PEQ1A model, compared to the original design
- Refined filters frequency precision for the MQ5 and H3C models, compared to the original design
- Switchable equalizers and tube stage modeling for better CPU usage management
- Switchable linear phase oversampling for aliasing reduction
- Global input / output level controls
- Mono / Stereo processing support
- Double precision (64 bit) floating point mathematical tube models
- Fully automatable controls
- Ignite Amps proprietary preset management system with bank file import/export functions

You can download the plugin for free by Clicking Here.

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