Saturday, September 19, 2020

Review: DiMarzio Blaze neck 7

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Today we're reviewing the neck version of the original 7 strings pickup: the DiMarzio Blaze!
The first mass produced 7 strings guitar was the Ibanez Universe 7, a revolutionary guitar designed by the guitar hero Steve Vai, which adapted to the electric guitar version the extended range possibilities offered from a low B string, already experimented in some avant garde classical guitar.

The first pickup that came with the Universe 7 was the Blaze 7, in bridge and neck position: the bridge version was rumored to be a modified version of the Steve Special, while the neck one is a medium output pickup which sounds like an overwould PAF, with a particular eq.

The eq curve is scooped compared to a PAF pickup, because the neck position of a 7 strings guitar can sound extremely muddy, so the designers removed some mid range leaving a strong low end and a cutting high end for clarity, this makes the pickup a very balanced choice for the neck position, and it's still today loved by Steve Vai, Herman Li of Dragonforce, James McIlroy from Cradle of Filth and it has been used for decades also by Korn.

The pickup has a distinctive tone which is very suited for metal solos, because it cuts through the mix very well and doesn't have that excessive high end typical of solos done with a bridge pickup, and the fact that still today it is considered a well established standard is a proof of its quality.

I suggest everyone to try it, also because compared to other brand pickups the price is not bad, you will not be disappointed.

Thumbs up!  

Specs taken from the website:

- Recommended For: All positions

- Quick Connect: No

- Wiring: 4 Conductor

- Magnet: Ceramic

- Resistance: 15.8 Kohm

- Year of Introduction: 1990

- Output: 280

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